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Overloaded Truck Accidents and Falling Debris

Overloaded Truck Accidents in Albuquerque

After an overloaded truck accident in New Mexico, all factors must be carefully considered when seeking maximum compensation from a personal injury claim. You may have a personal injury claim against the driver or company of the commercial vehicle. The overload or lack of tie-down of equipment or product that resulted in your injury on the highway was likely the responsibility of someone other than the driver of the truck. Although a truck accident may have been caused by the truck driver may have failed in his or her duty to inspect their own truck before leaving for the open road. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced Albuquerque overloaded truck accident lawyer who understands the various roles and parties that contribute to these types of injuries.

Falling Debris From Overloaded Trucks

Every day, commercial vehicles are hauling heavy loads on the Albuquerque highways. These commercial vehicles are carrying everything from construction materials to toxic chemicals. The cargo these semi-trucks are hauling can turn into deadly weapons when not adequately secured quicker than you can imagine. In many instances, truck accidents and the injuries that follow are due to falling debris, such as sticks or logs falling from the back of a truck and colliding with the vehicles behind the truck. If you or a loved one have been hit by falling debris from a truck, you can make an injury claim against the truck driver and trucking company for your injuries.

At Garcia Legal, we want New Mexico residents to understand the potential hazards associated with overloaded trucks and falling debris. Furthermore, we want them to know that there are steps that can be taken to recover damages caused against you or a loved one. The trucking industry must abide by New Mexico state laws and federal regulations that ensure commercial cargo is properly secured when driving on public roadways. Truckers are provided with winches, chains, braces, friction mats, and many other types of securing equipment to ensure their cargo does not shift during travel and harm unsuspecting motorists.

However, despite these rules, countless Albuquerque motorists experience serious accidents when debris falls off, cracking windshields, crushing vehicles, catastrophic injuries, and even wrongful death. Semi-trucks lose all types of cargo that can create hazardous conditions or a serious truck accident:

  • Concrete or cement
  • Loose rock and gravel
  • Metal beams and other construction materials
  • Crude oil
  • Natural gas
  • Live animals
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Solid waste
  • Produce and frozen foods
  • Other hazardous materials

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