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When should I get a car accident lawyer?

How Do You Know When To Get A Car Accident Lawyer?

Calling an Albuquerque car accident attorney is not the first thing that comes to mind after someone’s been involved in an accident. Most people are confused and don’t know what to do. This is even worse when one sustains serious injuries in the accident. 

Contacting a car accident lawyer at the right time can improve your chances of being compensated fairly. However, this may also depend on the commitment of the law firm you decide to work with. At Garcia Legal, we are always ready to commit both our resources and time to ensure that your rights as the victim are protected.

If it is your first time being in a car accident, here is a guide to help you know when to hire a car accident attorney.

You have sustained serious injuries in the accident

Most people do not know their rights when they get involved in a car accident. This is especially true when they are seriously injured. If you sustain life-threatening injuries in a car accident, you should contact a lawyer immediately. 

A lawyer will make sure that the insurance companies are aware of the extent of your injuries, when the insurance companies have a right to know. Treatment for serious injuries sustained in a car accident usually involve high medical bills due to the complexity of the treatment procedures. Insurance companies will try to minimize the extent of your injuries if you are unrepresented. A car accident lawyer can help you get a fair sum during the settlement that will cover at least your medical bills.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to try and scare car accident victims away with a small offer. While this is unfair to the victims, most of them are tempted to take the offer because they don’t know enough about the law and what they are entitled to. If you are looking to get fair compensation after a car accident, you should work with a reputable car accident attorney in Albuquerque.

You require assistance negotiating with the insurance company

Insurance companies can be very intimidating during a settlement negotiation. Their goal is to pay as little as possible to the victim. Although they may look confident during the negotiations, none of these companies want the case to end up in a court of law. It is easier to negotiate with an insurance company when you know all your rights and how they were violated. This is why you need to work with a car accident attorney in Albuquerque. While the insurance companies work to pay you as little money as possible, a dedicated car accident lawyer will know how to get you the best offer possible.

Negotiations with insurance companies can also take a lot of time. Although most people have the desire to receive fair compensation quickly, it may not be in your best interest to try and settle your case quickly.  A car accident lawyer will negotiate a fair resolution for you, when the extent of your injuries are known.

You are suffering emotionally

In addition to the pain of physical injuries, emotional damage sustained in a car accident can interfere with your ability to carry out your daily activities. After a car accident, most victims are left dealing with depression and anxiety. In addition to being able to recover compensatory damages for their medical bills, people who suffer emotional damage in a car accident are entitled to compensation to cover their treatment just like the ones who suffer physical injuries.

Receiving fair compensation for emotional damage can prove to be a challenge for most victims. At Garcia Legal, we are always willing to fight for your rights after a car accident whether the damage is emotional or physical. When it comes to emotional damage, it is important that you work with a car accident lawyer that has handled similar cases in the past.

A significant amount of property was damaged in the accident

While most of us are capable of dealing with a car accident that involves minor damage, you need to seek the guidance of an attorney when the damage is significant. The greater the speed, the more severe the consequences are once a crash has occurred.  This means that you are more likely to be injured if the impact was at a greater speed and if there was significant property damage. Often times, a physical injury may not be noticed until days after the accident. To ensure that you are on the safe side, you should always contact a car accident lawyer when the collision involves significant damage to property.

It is important to remember that New Mexico’s statute of limitations for car accidents prevents the filing of an accident claim after a certain amount of time has passed. In cases involving personal injury, the time limit is three years, while the time limit for property damage claim is four years. Either way, it is important to contact an Albuquerque car accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

Contact an Albuquerque Car Accident Lawyer Today

After a car accident, some people may feel that they are capable to deal with the situation. This may not be a good idea as your decision not to involve a lawyer may turn to be the determining factor on whether or not you get fairly compensated. You should always contact an Albuquerque car accident lawyer to make sure that you are aware of your rights. If you were involved in a car accident, feel free to contact Garcia Legal today at (505) 297-1222 for a free consultation.

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