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What is the best way to settle a car accident case?

What is the best way to settle a car accident case?

Personal injury claims related to car accidents rarely, if ever, go to trial. In fact, approximately 95% of cases settle without a trial. It’s important to know the best way for you to settle your car accident case if you were involved in an accident in Albuquerque or any of the surrounding areas in New Mexico. This will help you get a fair settlement that covers your medical bills, car repairs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Step One: Get Medical Attention

Right after a car accident you may not feel any aches or pains. However, it is still important to seek medical care right away. X-rays and other medical exams will reveal injuries you didn’t feel right away. Additionally, it can take a day or two for your muscles to relax and then you may find yourself in serious pain. Insurance companies will use a delay in treatment against you.

Step Two: Contact An Albuquerque Accident Lawyer

You should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer like Jonathan A. Garcia at Garcia Legal and arrange a free consultation. It’s important you do it as soon as possible so the attorney can investigate the accident scene, speak with witnesses and get the police report. An experienced Albuquerque car accident lawyer will work on a contingency basis. That means they will not get paid until your car accident case is settled.

Step Three: Determine Your Medical And Other Costs

Find out the total amount of your medical bills, and how much time you will miss from work. It may take some time to find out the total cost of your medical care. Your doctor will let you know how much the treatment will cost to get you well. Your attorney will talk to you about how much they will request for your pain and suffering and other emotional damages. That is how you will determine the specific settlement amount.

Step Four: Go To All Medical Appointments

Go to all medical appointments and get all the treatment your doctor recommends. Your doctor will tell you when you are well enough to be released. If you stop getting treated by the doctor, it can have a negative impact on your case. Sometimes it takes weeks after an accident for the full scale of your injuries to appear.

Step Five: Keep A Record Of Your Pain And Injuries

Having a record of your pain, suffering, and treatment is helpful. If your case goes to trial, you will be expected to answer questions about the pain you endured and for how long. Having a diary listing what you endured can help remind you of the hard times you went through. A diary can also remind you of your treatment dates and times. The more specifics you can give the better. It could help you get a larger settlement.

Step Six: Keep All Accident Related Bills And Receipts

Keep all the bills and receipts that are related to your accident. When it is time to negotiate a settlement, having proof of how much money the accident cost you is essential. The settlement will have to cover all those expenses along with money for your pain and suffering and lost wages.

Step Seven: Begin To Negotiate

You and your attorney can begin to negotiate with the insurance company after you know your overall costs and the extent of your medical care. Expect the insurance company to make a low ball first offer. Don’t accept it. Reiterate how much the accident cost in medical bills and car repairs alone. Explain how the accident has affected you. Tell them you’re willing to have a judge or a jury decide what’s a fair settlement based on your injuries, expenses, missed work and pain and suffering.

Step Eight: Emphasize The Emotional Points You Have in Your Favor

Make sure the insurance company’s adjuster is aware that the police report shows their insured was at fault and is responsible for your injuries, pain, suffering, car damage and the time you missed from work. Point out that judges and juries take a dim view of insurance companies that don’t want to pay the medical bills of people their insured is responsible for injuring. Tell the adjuster that your settlement request is fair after all you have endured because of their insured’s negligence. It’s not easy dealing with an insurance company adjuster, so remember that the strongest point in your favor is that you were not at fault.

Step Nine: Wait For Their Response

Once you and your attorney have emphasized your points, just sit back and wait for the response from the insurance company. You have everything working in your favor. It is in their best interest to come back to you with a better offer. They know they have to comeback to you with a reasonable offer if they want to prevent the case from going to court and letting a jury decide how much they must pay you.

Step Ten: Let Your Attorney Negotiate The Settlement

Negotiating a car accident settlement with an insurance company can be a complex and complicated process. To get the best result possible, the smart move is to let an experienced personal injury lawyer handle the details. Your attorney will know how the process works and how to navigate the court system and use that as leverage to get you a fair settlement. When you choose an experienced Albuquerque accident lawyer like Jonathan A. Garcia you can rest easy knowing he will do all he can to negotiate a fair settlement for you.

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Are you wondering what the best way is to settle your car accident case? Do you want to maximize your car accident settlement? Our car personal injury attorney can meet with you to give you an honest opinion regarding the value of your specific case. We can help you understand what you need to do to maximize your car accident settlement. Our Albuquerque car accident settlement attorney can also represent you to help recover compensation. Contact Garcia Legal today for a free consultation.

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